change is friggin’HARD

I work with all very different people; yet, they all have this one thing in common: they want change in some shape or form.

Here’s the tough love ❤️ part – change is friggin’ HARD. You may say you want change, but when push comes to shove, you may find yourself unable to put forth the effort required to change.

Change is messy. It’s never a linear path and most of all, it is UNCOMFORTABLE.

In today’s world of easy living, we are surrounded with anything and everything that can make us feel better or make us comfortable. We rarely are made to feel uncomfortable because at the first signs of discomfort, we reach for not so good habits to take away that feeling.

Netflix and chill.
Mindless scrolling on social media.
Eating to make us feel better or to not be bored.
Over consumption of Alcohol.

We tend to choose anything that will numb us out or distract us from feeling uneasy about something.

It’s an EXHAUSTING and never ending roller coaster. And I am sure a lot of you can relate to everything that I am saying right now.

And I want you to know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

This is my driving force behind my mission to work with ladies who have tried everything without long term success.

If you’re stuck and looking to change up your strategy to be better about your health goal-getting and be more health productive, you MUST register for my FREE 7 Daily Healthy Habits challenge kicking off LIVE this Monday, August 1st.

Can you commit to doing 1 thing for yourself per day for 7 days?

Of course you can! I will be telling you exactly WHAT to focus on for each day!

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