stop trying to change yourself

I’ve taken a while to use this photo from my shoot in November of last year.

I hadn’t reached my first weight loss goal yet and I had my period on this day.

Truth be told, I booked this photo shoot before we were in the thick of COVID 😷 as I was manifesting a luxurious maternity shoot post IVF.

I’m a big believer in putting what you want out there into the universe.

I felt in my core that meeting @monicalauphotography at the time I did was a sign for sure. Then we had our initial consult and she told me was looking to pivot her business toward more maternity shoots and I thought 💭 “this is meant to be.”

Monica knew I was in limbo and we discussed using it as a branding shoot should my IVF journey not work out. I remember clearly at that time, although we discussed that option, I truly believed I would be showing up in August 2021 pregnant with my photo shoot vision board. Heck, I even started an Instagram saved folder for all of the looks I had been researching.

And ya know, the rest is HERstory.

Now when I look at this photo (Nov ‘21), I am so proud of how far I’ve grown and evolved mentally.

I started @thewonderwomenofficial purely wanting to be smaller. To lose my stillbirth and post IVF journey weight.

And just over a year now into my own transformation, I realize how much more I’ve gained.

Ive learned about all of the old baggage I’ve been hauling, on my back, barefoot, trekking uphill, all on my own.

You don’t have to go at it alone.

Your journey doesn’t have to be long and arduous.

When you realize your inner why for doing something, it all falls into place as it should be.

And then you aren’t chasing a number, a size, a look… your chasing a feeling. A feeling of being content right where you are at. Being present. Not looking for distraction. Remaining steady in the stillness.

Happy Tuesday!

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