when you have a problem, what habit(s) do you do to solve it?

I remember I would get so much anxiety about eating out with family and friends. Thoughts raced around my head…

“Would I be able to eat something?”

“Would there be low fat low carb options?”

“How will I resist all of the desserts?”

Now when I have a social meal (which happens at least weekly), I don’t feel anxious, stressed or even worried about it.

Why? Because as soon as I broke up with the all or nothing approach and realized I could enjoy meals out while still working toward my goals, social meals become possible!

All or nothing isn’t sustainable and will leave you burned out and exhausted. Finding balance took me decades, which is why I do the work that I do – to help YOU find balance a heck of a lot sooner!

Sustainable weight loss looks MUCH DIFFERENT than any diet plan. Since it is sustainable you are losing weight much slower. You are slowly changing your habits.

To become leaner, you’ll need effort and time. You’ll have to dig deep and examine your behaviors and adjust your habits. You’ll have to be ready to be uncomfortable and willing to start a process than is unlike any commercial diet out there.

You know why you fall for fad diets? No thinking is involved with them. You go an auto-pilot and just do A, B and C.

And you never learn to customize your eating style or your exercise plan to fit YOUR needs.

Throughout these weird times, did some not so good habits develop? Were you stress eating? Stress drinking? Going to the pantry after dinner for chocolate, chips, or the freezer for ice cream?

NO JUDGEMENT HERE whatsoever ‘cuz I’ve been there too!

I want you to know that I am thinking of you and I am here to support you. If you are struggling with stress eating and you are ready to lose weight sustainably start with my FREE 7 Daily Healthy Habits Challenge starting on August 1st!

Learn how to Build Healthy Habits & Kickstart your Health & Fitness Goals!

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