21 things about me…

Aloha 🌺 Friends!

Our #twwbabes is hosting a summer challenge!

Today’s challenge is to post one of our favorite pictures and to tell each other a little bit about ourselves.

This photo is from my first ever professional photo shoot with @monicalauphotography.

I was pretty far off from my fat loss goal but decided to go through with it because I’ve learned if you wait for the “right time,” that time never comes! #mindset

In light of it being a 21 day challenge, here are 21 fun facts about me!

1. I was born & raised on Oahu, HI
2. I have a Bachelor’s in Business Administration.
3. I left my dream job in advertising to pursue fitness full time.
4. I’m a recovering extreme dieter & purger through exercise.
5. I’m the eldest of 5 siblings.
6. I have twin boys whom I was only able to meet under the most gut-wrenching circumstances.
7. I’m an animal lover with 2 dogs and 6 cats, 2 of which are “fosters.” 😉
8. I suffered over a decade with extreme refractory Ulcerative Colitis for most of my adult life.
9. Due to my illness, I underwent colon removal surgery in Dec 2015.
10. Despite not having a colon, I’m living my best life!
12. Losing weight won’t make you happy. You gotta first get happy with yourself from the inside.
13. I wish someone told me that silent stress is lethal. If you always say you are not stressed, you are probably just the opposite!
14. I realized I have control over very little. Decades of trying to control everything and everyone only handcuffed me to things and people.
15. I’m 45 years old and married my first boyfriend. We’ve been together for over 27 years.
16. Relationships take work. I am a big believer that if you don’t grow with each other then you grow a part from one another.
17. I love outdoor cycling.
18. I really enjoy eating sushi 🍣.
19. I’m very grateful to have taken a leap of faith in applying for @thewonderwomenofficial team under my Coach @janellefitmarks. It is true that you meet people just at the right time.
20. I can’t believe that I can do unassisted chin ups. I can do about 3 reps but I worked darn hard for those 3!
21. This has been an amazing year for me because the biggest win is how my mindset has shifted!

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