what you should look for in a fitness coach

As a Coach, I’ve been fortunate to work with a variety of women.

Women who were all very different but shared a similar goal of #weightloss.

When I first started investing in Coaches, I went about it all wrong.

I wanted to look like certain gals at the gym, so I sought out their trainer.

When I was looking for a #triathlon coach, I wanted to be led by the toughest group so that’s the group I joined.

I never really thought about what it was that Lee-Ann wanted.

I was always drawn to factors and outcomes outside of my self.

Did I think that perhaps my body shape would never resemble these types I aspired to be? #ifyouwantitbadenough

Did I contemplate that perhaps the toughest triathlon group wouldn’t be in my auto-immune’s best interest? #beastmode

I don’t regret any of it because fortunately, I grew through it. #mindsetreset

My own struggles have allowed me to become a better Coach to my clients.

During many #ulcerativecolitis flares, I yearned for a Coach to say, “Hey, Lee-Ann. You should back off right now. Take a break…”

Because sometimes, even as adults, we just need permission to back off.

For someone to say it’s okay to call it quits; take a break; pivot on the plan or adjust the goal or even not set a goal at all.

As you pursue your own goal-getting, and perhaps think about investing in a Coach, never forget the importance of finding a Coach who shares in the same values as you do. A coach who will listen to you and meet you where you are at. #honolulupersonaltrainer #3mmethod #mindset #macrosmadeeasy #muscles

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