your habits create who you are; who do you want to be?

How was your holiday babe?

I’m a HUGE fan of habit master James Clear. He recently said this:

“Your habits are how you embody a particular identity.

When you make your bed, you embody the identity of someone who is clean and organized. When you study, you embody the identity of someone who is studious.

What identity are you embodying today? Who are your habits helping you become?”

So TRUE, right? 

I know many of you may have woke up today beating your body into submission after a holiday of food indulgence. I am sure you may even have regretted eating right after you ate; cursing yourself for not being disciplined. Telling yourself, “Well, it’s a new day, let’s start again. Diet starts now.”

What you do every day and how you do it – that is your identity. So if you want to change and lose weight and body fat, then you need to take a look at what you are doing every day that is either moving you closer to those goals or moving you further away from them.

Women are so amazing at taking care of everyone and everything ELSE besides themselves. Women don’t even put themselves on their own to-do list. They are usually last and most often forgotten when it comes to taking care of themselves because everyone and everything else needs care first! 

If ya want to talk story about how we can work together to transform your food and fitness relationship from the INSIDE out, schedule a FREE discovery call using the link in my bio.


In the meantime, I want you to think about yourself right now and how, specifically, do you want your life to be better at this time next year?

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