“it must be easy for you…”

At the height of my orthorexia and exercise bulimia, I was 125 pounds.

I was not doing any weight lifting for fear of the scale going up. I lived on water, minimal food and fat burners and I was eating less than the 1,000 calories Jenny Craig put me on because I just couldn’t get the scale to hit 125 pounds.

In the 7 months I joined Jenny Craig, I lost 45 pounds, but it took the last 3 of those 7 months to lose the last 5 pounds to hit my 125 pound goal. My body was screaming at me to STOP! But I didn’t listen.

In the photo on the left I am smiling, but inside I am sad, starving and worried about how I will keep up my rigid food and exercise regimen.

Fast forward to TODAY and I am currently 147 pounds with a moderate exercise schedule. I eat 2,000 calories with a macro-balanced protein, carb and fat ratio.

This is the healthiest (mentally and physically) I have ever been. And it took a lot of hard work to arrive here (more mental work than anything else).

From 2018-2020, I started to eat whatever the F I wanted because I was trying at the age of 44 to have a baby. My dream of having a baby outweighed my desire for a dream body.

But after (5) failed IUIs and (1) failed IVF, I found myself at my heaviest weight of 178 pounds in March 2020.

So, I reached out for support. I was lucky to be matched with a Coach who specializes in ED (eating disorders) with my ultimate goal to heal my food and fitness relationship.

I was done with the extremes. I was fed up with the diets. I knew how to lose weight the wrong way; but I didn’t know how to lose or maintain a healthy weight the balanced way.

The photo on the right is what balance for me looks like now.

I am well aware that my current body shape now fitted with a permanent ostomy isn’t ideal for most; but you know what it is – being comfortable in your own skin and loving your body through it all (ostomy or not).


I have 2 spots left for my group coaching! DM to chat!


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