don’t let the scale dictate your mood sis

Don’t let the scale dictate your mood! #readthecaption

I’ve said it many times before. Today, I’ll show you.

On May 6th, I had the stomach flu & zero appetite.

On May 9th, the scale said I lost 3.6lbs. #waterweight

As my body recovered, and I began to eat food, drink more water and do more #heavylifting, my body slowly returned back to my maintenance metrics.

See below so you can see what a 3.6lb loss looks 👀 like.

Do you see it?

Yep, you see nothing.

I look the same. Metrics are pretty much the same.

The only difference?

My scale weight. But now I feel so much better. No more stomach bug 🐛!

Don’t live and die by the scale!

Use the scale as 1 data point. Take measurements. Take photos. I have my clients do these things.

Pay attention to Hunger, Energy and Cravings. Is your HEC in check?

Evaluate your sleep. Look at your stress.

All of these things 👆🏾affect weight too!

Focus on my 3 dial movers to feel and look your best!

#1 mindset – strong over skinny!
#2 macros – eat balanced!
#3 muscles – Lift weight often!

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