be quick to say no and slow to say yes

How many times have you said yes to something without really thinking it through. I’ve done this so many times.

Quick to say yes because we feel “bad.”

Fast to agree because we feel “obligated.”

We say yes because we don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings.

Saying yes can be a great opportunity and a huge burden. 

During my client weekly check-ins, #mindset talk is front and center for catching up which usually starts with a laundry list of to-dos heaped over their to-wants.

I remind my clients as often as I remind myself this very important lesson about saying yes and your to-do list:

Saying yes should ultimately leave you with results, moving you forward toward your goals instead of adding to your stress.

Be quick to say no and slow to say yes.

I will even argue that once you start really incorporating this practice into your day to day, so many opportunities will arise! You create space to open up these doors. 

“Saying no so you can say yes.”

Write down all of the obligations that you really don’t like to do. Then circle the 4-5 tasks that are the most important. Say no to the rest by cancelling them or delegating them. 

Sure, I get it that you just can’t cancel the day; but, I hope you get my deeper message here. It’s more about going through the thought process realizing that with every to-do on that list, you do have a choice. There is always another way especially if doing that thing (saying yes to it) causes you to take two steps backward!

When you start to do this, you create room in your life for what’s most important – your important work, doing the things that you enjoy and more time for the people you love. 

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