my best tips to do the thing consistently

It’s not new news and it’s definitely not fake news either. It’s pretty straight forward.

Each week, I get a message or an email from a gal expressing frustration over not being able to be consistent with lifting and macro tracking.

Most times, it’s because they are trying to start 99 things at once.

“ Go big or go home,” they think.

Well, we know what #mindset road that takes you down… go big or go home always always takes you right back home. That stuff just ain’t sustainable.

None of us is perfect, me, myself and I first and foremost.

I mess up. I fall off. I start over. I curse and I cry. But I always keep moving forward.

It’s not go big or go home, it’s just go. In local pidgin in Hawaii, we say “just go brah or “we go” or “no scared um just go get um” 😝 😂

And with that being said, here’s a few of my simple but successful strategies I have my clients use so that they can stay consistent with their 3Ms… it’s my 3M method which is the bare bones foundation for your wellness lifestyle…

🍲 macros
💪🏾 muscles

1. Shout it from the roof top! When you announce your intention to start something, telling others puts you on the hook 🪝.

2. Progress photos – take your photos at the start of your journey and then repeat progress photos weekly or bi-weekly. Your photos will allow you to see your efforts gained that won’t always be reflected on the scale.

3. Hire a Coach! I do it for me and people hire me to do it for them! Having a Coach has been 100% instrumental in my success in my personal and professional life!

What’s the biggest investment you’ve recently made toward your goals?

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