how can I eat healthy for my weight loss goals?

Here’s this week’s question during a discovery call I had with a mom of 3 who wants to put her self care on the front burner (not the back burner). She asks, “how can I eat healthy for my weight loss goals?”

She works full time.

She is willing to dedicate time and money to start a plan that will get her started without having to go through any extra ordinary measures to do so (you know like sign up for monthly meal replacement plans; take a bunch of supplements; join an annual membership whereby most of her calories are mailed to her in a box).

So here’s the three simple steps that she can do right now. And two of those steps can be done pretty much cost free.

Step 1: Download My Macros Plus.

This will cost you a 2 buck chuck. Find me on the app (@24cycle) and follow me to see how I structure my eating day using my very unique macro numbers.

Step 2: Track your Food! Start playing around with the app. Start logging your food. Use the bar code scanner in the app. Use the nutritional label scanner too.

Start to weigh and measure the food you eat. Get real good at this part.

Step 3: Get a macro nutrition audit with me!

Forget all of those free online macro calculators that spit out your macro numbers based on any HUGE weight loss goal you put into the formula all while using your age, current weight and gender to determine how much you should eat.

A macro audit with me will give you the exact macro numbers you’ll need to get started based on a WHOLE LOT more than any free calculator can provide!

Having a Coach is truly a luxury, but having a Coach is instrumental in allowing you to focus on what you should be doing versus wasting your FINITE mental energy trying to figure out what to do. It’s will be the best investment you’ll have made and one surely you make just for yourself!

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