keep yourself growing

When I raced #triathlon, I thought it was genius of me to have 3 finishing time goals:

#1 – the “kick ass” goal if #allthestars ✨ lined up cue @kendricklamar here

#2 – the “I’ll take it” goal leaving room for race day hiccups 🥱

#3 – the “shit 💩 hits the fan goal” which ya know explains itself

As I get older, a bit wiser, and a lot more exposed to different ways to thinking, being and doing, I realized THAT 👆🏾 strategy was purely fear-based not performance based.

I was acting out of #fear.

😬Fear of failure.

😐Fear of not getting the recognition my #ego thrived off of.

😧Fear of being ostracized to the “slow group.” (It sounds awful as I type it out “loud” here but that’s my truth).

As I yearn to grow 🌱, I’ve vowed to:

BURN 🔥 down the exits 🛑

STRIVE for my fullest potential

Knowing that I did everything I could possibly do with the gifts that I have been given. #thebigleapbook

Glad to be doing it ALL with my #teambeyondenough and our beautiful and power house of a Coach @janellefitmarks 😍 #twwbabes@thewonderwomenofficial

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