be like a tree…

After today’s run, I sat and watched trees. Not on purpose. But I was taking a much needed break after 0.62 mile sprints, 3 of them, chasing my under 25 minute 5k time. #personalgoals

TBH, I’m not sure I’ll make it. But I feel like I’ve already won since I professed that time goal out loud here in #instagramworld at the month’s start.

How do I feel about that?

Old mindset Lee-Ann would be a ball of nerves. Thoughts of “not good enough, fast enough, disciplined enough, too lazy” and ashamed to walk amongst you all would have consumed me.

Lee-Ann 2.0 will try my best effort this Sunday, but if it doesn’t happen so be it.

Will I be any less lovable? Or less worthy? Or less of a friend or wife or Coach?

I’m starting to learn that my worth has nothing to do with what I look like or what I can achieve. Thanks for the reminder @janellefitmarks 😍

Am I a good human? Am I a great spouse? Do I treat others as I wish to be treated?

YES to all of it! And that’s the greatest win I’ve had to date!

And as I sit here and watch the trees 🌳 🌲 , I tell myself to emulate one – be strong and grounded, but also be flexible.

I’m learning to stop 🛑 seeking more and instead to focus on what can I now give?

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