trust your gut – what does that even mean?

Trust your gut. 🫀What does that even mean?

It took me losing a good chunk of mine ✂️ to finally understand. 

When I asked my mentor to dial that phrase back for me, she gave me these alternatives:

-be deliberate about the people you hang on to

-be ready to let bad feelings go 

-pay attention to what’s going on around you 

-find time to be silent and sit still 

Now all that, I get that. You see I spent so long running away from my gut (in both the literal and metaphorical sense) that I lost touch with how I really felt about a lot of stuff.

Any one in particular hit home for you?  

The hardest one for me – to be silent and sit still. There’s always so much noise. So much distraction. Disguised as good things that in excess became not so good things. Murky. Muddled. Confusing. 

And with all the noise comes affirmation on why I must continue to work on these things. Being still. In silence. Not doing. Or creating. Or distracting. Tuning in not tuning out. 

Shh… listen 👂 a lot of times our bodies tell us the very things we need to hear and the very things we need to do (or not do 😊).


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