consistency ain’t sexy but it works if you work it

4 BIG reasons why people don’t stick with their #fitnessresolutions!

Having no direction, little to no support or repeating the same diet over and over all leads to inconsistency!

There’s no secret weapon. Or magic formula. Or new and improved plan. Macros works if you work it. Progressive strength training works if you do it. Plain and simple. The hard work 😓 and the grind, that’s the shortcut!

I’ve been telling you and I’ve been showing you. How did I get my results? By having a team, a solid safe and sound plan and by being CONSISTENT as F.

No bells 🔔 or whistles – just old fashioned hard work!

What’s your biggest goal this year?

We are 4 days in! Let’s go!#honolulupersonaltrainer

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