It’s easy to lose weight. It’s hard to keep weight off.

It’s easy to lose weight. It’s hard to keep weight off.

That’s the problem with meal plans and diets. They give you a short term solution to a long term goal.

When people seek weight loss, they usually go straight to upping their exercise and eating less.

Once they reach said weight loss goal, they go back to their usual routine.

Slowly but surely they are back to where they are started. And then they repeat that cycle over and over again.

I know far too well. I’ve done it for decades until I found a better way.

I’m not an overnight success. I’ve been “at it” since I was a chubby kid in school who felt too big to fit in.

I’ve tried many things – very dangerous things and the usual stuff. And I always ended up at the same place – stuck and chasing a form of perfection that didn’t exist.

It cost me a lot of things. It also cost me to swallow my pride, check my ego and seek out those doing it better!

Joining the @thewonderwomenofficial under my Coach @janellefitmarks was the best decision I’ve made for myself in the last few years. Before that, I spent tens of thousands over the decades on diet plans, fitness programs, fat burning supplements, training clinics and meal replacement programs.

If you are wanting a change, please remember:

-You will never feel like it’s the right time. The right time is always now. 💪🏾

-“When I have (insert amount of money here)” will never happen because if you are not forced to prioritize yourself as an investment, you’ll always be at the back of your to-do list 💯

-“I am going to (insert action here) when I can (insert result here)” is something I often here about people being better before then can do a thing. Waiting on a perfect scenario for a perfect action to achieve a perfect result is a sure fire way to set yourself up for failure.

Set your goals small. Make them easy to achieve and remember, just do the next best thing!

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