macro tracking works, here’s why

Been working with my #macrosmadeeasy client Wendy for 2 months now and she told me this:

“Lee-Ann, this tracking thing is getting easier. I don’t know how I am losing weight.”

My reply to Wendy:

“UM – HELLO WENDY! I know exactly why this is happening – it is because you are tracking your food, you are becoming more aware and more mindful of the food you eat. You are using perfect macro numbers for your body and now you are reaping the rewards of your effort.”

It’s funny right? When we get a bit of success, our minds tend to go right to-self sabotage? We are doing the work, but when we get the result, we negate it because we think, “how can this be happening with such ease and enjoyment?”

Well, I’m here to tell YOU – scream it from the highest of mountain tops, that macro tracking works because it fits into your life. You don’t have to quit donuts, or skip restaurant meals. You don’t fast, cleanse or chug green juice all.day.long. Nope! You will reach your goals and live your life because like I’ve said before, if you can’t do it for a lifetime, it isn’t going to work. Period.

As your personal Macro Nutrition Coach, I provide a fat loss blueprint made just for you. If you’ve been on the fence, now’s the time to leap. I am offering my final FREE Macros Made Easy Virtual Masterclass this Thursday at 1pm Hawaii time. Register even if you can’t make the live because I will email the recording out to all of those who registered! 

In part 3, I will cover the Macros Made Easy Holiday edition where I will teach you how to macro track alcohol and teach you how to give some your favorite holiday treats a macros made easy makeover.

And don’t forget, my early action bonus for my January 2022 Macros Made Easy Group Coaching Collective will go away on December 13th! This will be a rare chance in 2022 to join an intimate group of women who will spend 8 weeks together with me, to radically transform from the inside out using my muscles + macros methods! 

We got this! 

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