i was doing this whole fat loss thing wrong

My 18-year old nephew Josh asked me, “Hey Aunty, what’s your goal? You looking to do a bodybuilding show cause you looking pretty lean.” 

 I chuckled and was taken back a bit. I used to have a goal of competing in a show for a long time and devoted a long while to that goal too, all while triathlon racing and in the midst of of the worst of my Ulcerative Colitis disease.

I was doing EVERYTHING and despite my BEST efforts, my body just wouldn’t change. I told Josh, “well, my goal was to do body weight pull ups by the end of the year and I can’t believe that I am already doing them!” I had put a bodybuilding show out of mind because, well, I have an #ostomy.

He encouraged me that there are many people competing with ostomies.  Here he is, a young man, almost 18 years old, into his own bodybuilding and encouraging me, to do it if I want to do it. I am so proud of the man he is becoming and of course, that has all to do with the great humans who have raised him as such!  

I tell you this story because I am here to say with 100% certainty that sometimes what we think we are doing is right to reach a goal, sometimes we end up actually doing all of the wrong things, without even knowing it! 

And this is what #dietculture and media wants you to believe too – that if you just eat less and exercise more, you can achieve all of your body goals and your life will be better for it. 

 I call BULLSHIT. And I had to learn the hard way especially when it comes to the food and fitness industry… 

—> cutting calories and not seeing results
—> struggling to change body composition
—> on and off a diet for weeks, months, years even
—> counting calories
—> cutting portions
—> drinking water and flavored seltzer to fill myself up 

I learned the hard way that I was doing this all wrong and now I educate women to stop the insanity and trust the macros + muscles process. If you want to lose fat and gain muscle… to get that, “I go to the gym regularly” look that most women want, then you’ve got to do the nutrition thing right! There is no exception to this rule!  

All women should be doing this process:

99% of most women instead do this: 


You cannot exist on a diet-only diet.⁠ Let me say that again, louder, just in case you missed it.⁠ You cannot exist on a diet-only diet!!

I literally can’t stress that enough.⁠ I know it sounds weird, eat more to lose more. However, it’s true. There is science to prove it. Plus, there’s me (I’ve been showing you how I do it) and there’s a few of my clients now doing it too. Real women. ⁠Who got off the diet rollercoaster and accelerated their results while, you guessed it, eating MORE food!⁠

If you’ve been tip-toeing around your results for a while now, it may be your time to stop dieting. Yes, for real.

Ready to learn how to work WITH your body instead of against it to enhance your fat loss results and maintain them for the long-term?

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Let’s do the thing! I’m in the arena with you! 

My big nephew Josh with my little nephew Kai

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