are you doing this fat loss thing all wrong? i did.

Macros works if you work it. 

I’ve been #macrosmadeeasy since March 2021. 

The external changes are nice but the INTERNAL #transformation has been priceless. 

People will equate how you look with fitness. Despite looks being deceiving. 

For a long time, I deceived myself in controlling my happiness by controlling my weight. And the harder I tried, the worse the process became.

Through loss and grief, I made peace with giving up control. And that was the first day where I realized that I needed to be good with me FIRST; with me as is, not racing triathlons or PRing times, or achieving new lows on the scale. 

And once I started that uncomfortable process, stuff started to settle (slowly but eventually). 

I started to fall in love with the process (not the outcome). 

Goals were no longer looks or size driven.

It’s like, how does that saying go…work on you and it’ll work itself out ❤️ #honolulupersonaltrainer

I’m offering my last FREE #macrismadeeasy class of the year on Thu Dec 9th 1pm HST.

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