macros made easy works if you work it

Macros Made Easy works if YOU work it!

#Clientshouttime! Meet Sonya!

Sonya started with me in June of this year (2021). She was on and off of Keto and I am happy to report that we have fully transitioned her off of Keto into a well balanced, no foods off limits #macrosmadeeasy way of life! 

She’s been doing the work and working hard, always trying her best.

How has Sonya been successful? 

Here are her non-negotiable action items which have brought her this far!

  1. Tracking her food daily (pre tracking her food especially) using My Macros Plus.
  2. Submitting weekly check in metrics, photos and feedback to me directly.
  3. Maintaining constant communication with me on how she’s doing and feeling, especially when things are getting stressful or when situations arise that feel out of her control. NO problem is unsolvable or unfixable!
  4. Getting in her lifts and her cardio, adjusting when she needs to, but always getting those key movement workouts in especially when she doesn’t feel like it.

Sonya embodies the true consistent mindset it takes to implement a sometimes difficult and uncomfortable change. 

It all starts up there, in your head, in your mind. There is no magic way; it’s just having someone in your corner to help you figure it out. 

MY LAST FREE Macros Made Easy Virtual Masterclass is happening NEXT WEEK! It will be the last time I offer this education for FREE! Dec 9th at 1pm HST. Register using my link in bio! In December we talk about Macros Made Easy the Holiday Edition and I give you a holiday-proof blueprint to navigate holiday eating guilt and stress free! 

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