here’s a #memorialdayworkout for ya!

Today’s trending #workout will definitely be #murph. So I wanted to give you an alternative. 

Every holiday, as a Personal Trainer in person in Oahu, Hawaii and virtually for many clients around the world, I create a special workout for my online clients. And this #memorialday, I wanted to give you this too!

Here’s a great barbell only workout that can get you in and out so that you can get on with your holiday! It’s called The Freedom Five 🖐 

If you don’t have a barbell, you can use dumbbells and if you don’t have either, do this as a #bodyweightcircuit performing  the moves while mimicking holding a weight!

🖐10 reps deadlift (great for butt)

🖐10 reps front squat (great thighs)

🖐10 reps thrusters (total body 🔥)

🖐10 reps push press (shoulder 🔥)

🖐10 push ups (great upper 🔥)

If ya try, tag 🏷 me @leeannwatanabe

Happy Memorial Day! And THANK YOU to all of those who have sacrificed themselves so that I can enjoy the freedoms I have today ❤️

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