is your #salad stalling your #fatloss?

Is your salad 🥗 making you fat?

I hit up Mendocino Farms while in Marina Del Rey last week and boy, their salads 🥗 are DELICIOUS! 

I ate the same thing there 3 days in a row – the Sophisticated Chicken with Prosciutto Salad 🥗 no dressing with 1 of their whole wheat flour tortillas. I’m salivating thinking about it now! 

Later that evening, I logged that salad into MyMacros+ and was surprised and a bit mortified that that salad meal was 42 grams of fat. WTF 😳 

TRIBE! Salad 🥗 won’t make you fat. BUT, if you aren’t mindful about the salad you order, the nutritional content can trip you up if your goal is fat loss.

Obvi-even this OG gets tripped up!

And that brings me back to my client whom I’ll refer to as Caesar Salad 🥗. 

She ate a Costco Chicken Caesar salad 🥗 every day for lunch. She logged Chicken, Romaine, Croutons. 

For weeks, her body measurements stood still. And during each weekly check in, we would talk story and I would investigate. 

We’re chatting and out of the blue, she says, “maybe my body is reacting to the salad’s fat free Caesar dressing…” 

And the light bulb 💡 blasted right in my face 🤦🏽‍♀️ – THE DRESSING.

Long story not as long:

I assumed she wasn’t using the dressing because I assumed she realized how much fat and calories were in that pretty big container of Caesar dressing (WHICH WAS TOTALLY MY BAD AND MY FAULT FOR ASSUMING AND NOT CLARIFYING IN THE BEGINNING) 

She assumed that since it was a “salad” that the dressing must be “healthy” which meant it must be “fat free” and thus, very little calories. 

We cleared that up and she started to portion out the dressing and all was right in the world again. 

For me – valuable lesson learned. Just do better. Be better. And Don’t assume. 

BTW – Costco Caesar salad nutrition, a 20.6-ounce serving has 650 calories with 41 grams of fat, 35 grams of carbohydrates and 40 grams of protein. Those Costco salad calories are substantial! 

Best Costco Salad Hack: skip that dressing and use a lower fat and lower calorie substitute or measure out 2 tablespoons of their dressing to keep the fat and calories in check. 

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