fat loss doesn’t have to be miserable

I coach women to fix their relationship with their bodies and food.

Goals can’t only be about WEIGHT LOSS or FAT LOSS OUTCOMES. Instead, think about WHAT PROCESS do I need to go through to get that OUTCOME? Usually, and unfortunately, many women I meet reduce themselves to DRASTIC and EXTREME measures to get that outcome. And we know that eventually, this method is not sustainable.

Instead, when setting your goals around food, keep in mind that your goals need to be EFFORTLESS, ENJOYABLE AND EFFECTIVE.

What are you already doing food wise that is easy?

What foods do you actually enjoy?

What methods do you need to implement that creates a sustainable, effortless and enjoyable food pattern that is effective for your goals?

STOP the DEPRIVE THEN BINGE CYCLE. Let my help you get you there.

This can be easy and enjoyable. My process doesn’t leave you hangry, white knuckling it or counting down the minutes until your next meal. THAT STOPS HERE! ❤️

Did this resonate with you? Let me know 👇🏾❤️

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