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Us locals say, lucky we live Hawaii. And yesterday, the Huff Post reported the same – Hawaii Ranks As The Happiest State In The Country In New Report.

One of five poll questions asked:

Do you like what you do each day and are you motivated to achieve your goals?

In 2011, I left a professional career in advertising for one in fitness. I abandoned an automatic paycheck and medical insurance to pursue my own happy. And boy, was I scared shitless.

During my eleven years on the 24th floor of a fancy Honolulu high rise, I grew tired of my corporate marriage. I often thought “Did I really go to college for this?”

I sold people shit they didn’t need or couldn’t afford, making them believe those very things.

Advertising is very sexy and glamourous. Client pitches. Creative ad campaigns. Market research. Target audiences. Radio ads and TV commercials. Print ads and online marketing campaigns.

On each anniversary, I became an even more disgruntled order taker; a paper-robot machine, spitting out media buys all day long. On each anniversary, I contemplated my getaway.

My saving grace was my husband, Lekeli. I am SURE he was UNSURE when I brought him my exit plan despite him not speaking it. And I am SURE he was UNSURE about my then mental state despite him not asking about it. Yet, Lekeli supported me as he always has-in the only way this man is built-he wanted whatever I wanted. And for his endearing quality, I am forever grateful.

It is very hard to be your own small business. Income isn’t guaranteed. Sick pay and vacation are unheard of. But, I set my own hours and choose my clients.

It has taken me forty years to realize that energy (yours and those closest to you) are just as important as your nutrition and daily dose of physical exercise. It has taken the loss of my own colonto truly appreciate the mind to gut connection. And now with each passing day, I am appreciating mindfully slowing down.

One of my athletes, whom I consider a great friend who also happens to be an AMAZING hair stylist gifted me a class at The Hangout, an AntiGravity® Fitness & Yoga studio in Kakaako. Today, I tried the Fascianation Class and the Aerial Class.

It was the first time I was suspended in space while being supported by a soft cloth hammock. I was able to move my body in ways before I’d thought impossible. Inversions provided me with a wonderful buzz leaving me lost in my own space. And it brought me back to that HuffPost poll question:

Do you like what you do each day and are you motivated to achieve your goals?

Fuck yeah. Every. Single. Day. Lucky I live Hawaii.

Here is some of my happy with my fur babies…

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