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My first race was this past Sunday, running 6.2 miles for the Sharon’s Run.Ride.Walk. for Epilepsy. It is a small race where you will always find a parking spot and never wait in a bathroom line.

1st place age group W40-44

My love and hate for racing is one and the same; I always push my hardest in a race. Everything in my body burns. I unknowingly drool because I can barely breathe. My thoughts turn dark and I usually want to quit or drop dead.

So why subject myself to all of that?

The only way I can write it is like this – when I race, I know I am ALIVE. It’s refreshing and terrifying; exciting and excruciating.

I encourage my athletes to participate in at least one race / event in their lifetime so they can experience this sort of feeling. A few are one and done. Even fewer become obsessed on this new found means to an end and the rest are impartial.

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And despite their mixed race reviews, my lead-by-example method has created long lasting friendships that go well beyond the confines of 4 concrete walls filled with exercise equipment.

As their coach and friend, I’ve become woven into their life patterns, witnessing not only race finishes and PRs (Personal Records) but also weddings, births and as I continue to age, unfortunately deaths, break ups and divorce.

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

2cw-HI Athletes (L-R) Allison, Me LA & Shawna Pre Race!

I met 2CW-HI Athlete, Shawna when she started my fitness bootcamp about 5 years ago. She was a beautiful young woman, single and looking to ramp up her fitness as she was kick starting her career. We became fast friends in and out of the gym.

In the beginning, Shawna was terrified and fearful; but, MY belief in HER was the ONLY reason she needed. Because I knew Shawna could, she did, over and over and over again!

With her dedication and trust in my method, Shawna went on to kick triathlon’s ass!

In return, I was able to witness her beautiful marriage and now the addition of a baby boy. And although she is thousands of miles away, Shawna has a special way of reminding me why I do what I do.

Shawna sent me this sweet note yesterday totally out of the blue,

Hi! first off, happy belated birthday – it looks like you had a great one! I wanted to drop you a note because again i was reminded of you and your AWESOMENESS. I went to a spin class tonight and it just made me feel amazing and just brought back so many great memories of training with you. The instructor reminded me of you just a little – she almost physically looks like you. But personality wise, you have her lapped. I remember how motivating, funny, and exciting you made working out to so i tapped into those memories to get me through it tonight. We were riding and i was thinking back to when we did Tantalus, when you motivated me to start triathlons and pushed me to do my fist, then second and third one! And, i found someone who wanted to train to do a Mega Sprint in September. that should be interesting but i’ve been wanted to try to get back into it and it looks like things are falling into place. I hope you are doing well and i just wanted to remind you how AWESOME you are and how much I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU!!

Stay tuned for Shawna’s return to triathlon with her Mega Sprint Triathlon Race in September! Each month we will devote a post to Shawna’s journey!

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