week 29 update to my first bikini competition as a woman 45+

This week’s thought: “Trust the process”

If ya follow me, ya know I tweaked my back on Saturday. It was an immediate snap crackle pop of my left Quadratus Lumborum (QL). It did not come out of the blue, although it seemed to when deadlifting on Saturday.

I’ve always had a tight left QL which I rehab. I went into Saturday doing everything right. My form was spot on. My weight was moderate. The first set went great. Second set, rep 4 not so much.

Your body will always decide for you. And it was what it was. I stopped the set. And modified the rest of the lift. I started rehabbing right away. Ice, heat, Aleve, mild stretching and assessing various ranges of motion. What moves hurt. What did not. I started this protocol right away, while at the gym after it happened. All gyms have first aid kits friends! Use em if ya need to!

This is where being a Coach myself, I feel very fortunate. I know what to do. I know where I can push and where I cannot.

In previous versions of myself, old LA would have kept going. If I physically could not, I would punish myself in other ways (food restriction or bingeing; lots of panic and hate self-talk; big time depression).

I did not FREAK out. At 12 weeks out, I know this to be true: my muscle is what it is. There’s slim chance of building any more. The goal is to lose fat. And how do we lose fat???

Not solely through exercise but through diet first followed by exercise as a compliment.

Before this, I had just entered a second cut of my macros. Cut 2 at 28 weeks into prep, I feel very happy! My Coach @janellefitmarks wrote me “ you got this champ!” And ya know what? F yeah, I do!

We are officially 12 weeks out. Home stretch! I’ve been picking out suits for @808lekeli. We going to Miami B! 😝

If you put it out there, more than likely it will come true!

Weight: 138.8lb
Waist: 24.50”
Hips: 35.50”
Thigh: 18.50”

The scale – the scale does not spit out “INFLAMMATION WEIGHT GAIN” but I’m telling you, inflammation weight gain is a real thing!

I see my Chiropractor guru @epikchiro this Thursday to give me the 411. If you are on Oahu, he’s the go-to guy! It’s rare you find a true body expert. He’s da man!

Thanks for reading!

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