“i can’t seem to get rid of this layer of fat i have despite exercising and lifting regularly”

I hear this all too often.

Friends doing 30-day challenges…

Co-workers doing weekly cleanses…

People signing up for that new big meal replacement MLM

All in the name of #weightloss.

I know because I was that person. Did em all. Sold Isagenix. Went on Herbalife. Joined Jenny Craig. Then Weight Watchers. Paid for Nutrasystem. Followed my fit friend’s diet cuz I wanted to look like her 🤦🏽‍♀️.

So many mistakes along my way. YET I wouldn’t take any of that back because it taught me what I DID NOT WANT TO DO (eventually) any longer in order to look and feel my best.

And through the many trips I made on the weight loss merry go round, I always came back to the ONE area I refused to work on – the food I ate.

It’s easy to just eat what a diet says. It’s very very very NOT easy to stick to all those food rules.

Once you flip the way you think about DIETING; FOOD; how you eat, when AND WHY YOU EAT, only then can you create a sustainable food pattern that works for you!

I teach these mindset concepts in #macrosmadeeasy.

What are you waiting for? The time to start is always now! Link in bio!

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