week 28 to wbff miami in November

LATERGRAM 🤙🏾⭐️🙆🏽‍♀️

Last week’s progress report on my way to @wbffentertainment Miami in November.

I’ve had unpredictable cycles that have the scale jumping jumping jumping. My metrics held steady; but, it’s hard emotionally to deal with that dark scale when weight loss and scale weight matter!

If I were not prepping for a show, I would be over the moon with my results. I ❤️ my shape. This is the lowest weight I’ve been with as much muscle as I have in my entire adult life to date.

But ya girl got goals. And I trust my body. It’s the first time I am 💯 confident in knowing my body will continue to work to impress me. It’s the first time in my life where ALL OF THIS is coming from a place of ❤️ and not loathe!

Stay tuned for this week’s report! Thanks for reading!

Weight: 138.8lb
Waist: 24.50”
Hips: 35.50”
Thigh: 18.50”

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