from food obsessed to food freedom

I was so obsessed with food and the fear of feeling full that I would NEVER eat right before going to the gym…

Or eat any food before going out on a date night…

Or eat before social events…

Or eat in front of other people or post photos of my food…

All because I was also preoccupied and disgusted at feeling full; feeling “bloated;” have a food baby or feel uncomfortable in my clothes.

I spent a good amount of my life living handcuffed to so many food and body rules that I literally drove myself cry baby crazy!

Geesh, I’m so GRATEFUL those days are over!

It is possible to create a normal food and exercise plan. But first you gotta take a leap of faith and TRUST that there is a better way!

Because there is. I’ve been there and I’ve arrived here. And the weightless feeling of eating and moving that creates happiness is such an amazing adventure!

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