week 23 update as I prepare for my first bikini show at 46 years young

Week 23 Update!

By the time I’m hoping to step on stage, it will be week 42. Can you believe that will be almost a year of prep?! It feels the same as when I spent 7 months in a cut to lose my first 30lbs. No extremes. Monitoring my body’s feedback. Pushing when I can and adjusting my output when I can’t.

Our plan didn’t start out that way. My Coach and I initially felt a 20 week prep was a solid amount of time. And now 2 pushed back show dates later, I’m feeling SOLID in how I’m progressing to the WBFF Miami show in on November 11th.

Since being on a diet break (which really only meant having a little more food and less cardio), I haven’t been issued a real decrease in food just yet. Instead, we bumped my cardio from 30 min daily to 35 minutes.

Since I’m in my cycle week, we’ve held off on making any changes with food which will come next.

Right now the success is the scale is trickling down. And I’m thinking I’m more of a 1/2lb per week lost kinda gal.

Another win for me is that my blood work and my Dutch test came back with the green light to move forward with my prep. My hormonal panel is not perfect, but my Doc says my cortisol is well balanced and my inflammation markers are normal. Besides being in true #perimenopause, my body is managing wonderfully and she credits my lifestyle for this!

We did see that my liver is working overtime. Since I do not have a colon to aid the liver in detoxification, my liver now does twice the work. As such, I’ve started a 6 week supplementation protocol to see if this natural route can give my liver some assistance. My doc said “it’s a great thing you don’t eat crap, smoke or drink because if you did, your liver would need serious help.”

@crystal_borges_wbff_pro – I haven’t opened my suit up yet! My plan is to do so when I hit 135lb. 💪🏾🔥♥️ I’m so excited!

Despite metrics holding, I see new found definition in my chest. Boobs are going but hopefully the 🍑 will stay as I head into the low 130s.

Weight: 137.4lbs
Waist: 25”
Hips: 36”
Thigh: 19”

Thanks for reading!

Coach: @janellefitmarks
Team: @thewonderwomenofficial
Suit: @crystal_borges_wbff_pro
Posing: @kendramcgowan_

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