start with the thing you are most motivated to do

These pics depict the majority of my life prior to joining my team. And it perfectly represents James Clear quote “start with the thing you are most motivated to do.”

Like many others, when I decided I wanted to lose weight, I started with exercise. To me, it was the easiest thing to start.

I started as a young teenager doing exercise videos at home. I did Sweating to the Oldies with Richard Simmons. It was the only VHS that was affordable at our local goodwill. And when my entire family went to bed, I stayed up late doing this video night after night. 😃

Most people talk themselves out of getting started. They create a bunch of obstacles / reasons / excuses that convince them to never get going. They literally talk themselves out of it!

Despite being heavier in these photos, as you can see, I was very active and competitive.

But I could never nail the food piece down.

I was either restricting or overeating.

I was either starving or stuffed.

I was convinced I deserved to eat a lot of food because I was so active.

I was always on a diet.

I used exercise to feel better about my food choices or my binges.

If I never went through ALL of that, I would not be where I am today.

You can’t do everything right. But you can do one thing and wrong or right, that one thing will give you experience. Build character. Create grit and resilience. You become resourceful and most importantly, you learn about yourself. What works for you, your personality, psychology, profession and personal preferences.

Now, we have much time to do one thing. Eventually we will all do one thing for the final time. Most often, we’ll never know when that day will come. In just these last few years, I’ve lost a few close friends taken from us way too soon.

Don’t let another moment be the one less time you would have had the opportunity to do that one thing.

What’s one thing you’ve been wanting to start?

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