week 19 5.5.23 – prep for a bikini show with an ostomy

Even though I pushed my show date from July to August, and now to November, I’m still keeping track of the weeks I’ve committed to this huge life long goal of mine.

Here’s the data:
Weight 138.8lb
Waist 25”
Hips: 36”
Thigh: 19”

✅ bump up in scale weight. Started my cycle on Sunday. As I get deeper into peri menopause, my cycles are getting WEIRDER 🫠

✅ Measurements have held steady.

✅ I’m on my 5th bump up in food with a bump down in cardio.

✅ My strength is improving. The volume decrease in my lifts has been instrumental in my recovery.

✅ The semi release of a time pressure has been HUGE in keeping my stress meter in check.

✅ Letting go of my perfectionist mindset with posing is making it so much more fun 🤩

To give you perspective that this is a long game, here’s interesting data:

1.23.23 start prep 153lb
2.27.23 cut 2 147.4lbs
3.16.23 cut 3 147.4lbs
3.27.23 cut 4 145lbs
4.17.23 cut 5 142.4lbs
4.27.23 cut 6 142.6lbs
5.7.23 reverse 143.2lbs
5.12.23 rev 2 141lbs
5.15.23 rev 3 140.8lbs
5.19.23 rev 4 139.4lbs
5.22.23 rev 5 138.6lbs
5.30.23 rev 6 139.4lbs

The timeline above shows that it took me 19 weeks and 2 days to lose 13.6lbs. That’s a weight loss of 0.72 of a lb per week for 19 weeks! 😮

I write this to show you that the leaner you get, the slower your rate of loss will be. The more stressed your body is, the harder it becomes to lose weight.

Many weeks it will seem and look like nothing happens. It’s these murky waters 🌊 where people get frustrated, throw in the towel and give up.

What if you just keep crawling forward?

What if you tune out the noise and set your focus on the present? Not worrying about what you’ll get in the future or how far you have to go…

Just doing the stuff day in and day out that you KNOW are the good for you things that make you happy?!

Happy Wednesday Babes! #honolulupersonaltrainer

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