week 14 update as i prep for the WBFF dallas bikini show in 2023

Week 14 has come and gone. And it seems as tho’ my body is over it.

Scale progress has slowed way down. Scale hovers between 141 and 143 the last 2 weeks. I started prep at 153lbs so lost about 10lbs in the last 14 weeks which averages 0.70lb per week. Which hey – that’s GREAT to me! If I didn’t have a show deadline, I wouldn’t even be sweating this great progress!

Metrics have moved a little.

Weight: 142.4lb
Waist: 25”
Hips: 36”
Thigh: 19.50”

As a long time triathlete, I’ve experienced a few overtraining episodes during my time and it comes with these symptoms:

1. Hair loss – much more than normal

2. Low heart rate – no matter what I do, I can’t get my heart rate up during exercise.

3. Elevated resting heart rate whereby my usual resting HR of 40 becomes mid 50s.

4. I don’t sweat. AT. ALL. It’s like I don’t have any sweat in me. I can’t get my body to heat up. It’s an odd feeling because usually, I am a good sweater especially in Hawaii’s humid client.

I’ve reached out to my Coach @janellefitmarks and we have a strategy in play. Deload and mini diet break.

Is it disheartening? Sure, I’m bummed about having to pivot here but I know a pivot now will pay off exponentially down the road.

Besides the body’s feedback, here are other classic cues that help you realize when your cortisol is out of whack:

1. Hunger is walking dead zombie eating humans level

2. Cravings are through the roof “can I eat my arm” phase

3. Energy is nowhere to be found. Walking is hard. Getting up from the couch is hard. Can I just lay here is the daily ask

4. Mood I’m on the next-level bitch 😄😀🤪

Hey, this is a small speed bump. Don’t count me out yet because I’ve still got a lot of fight left in me! And there are plenty of shows left in 2023!


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