client testimonial – 59 year old woman wants to lose fat

#clientshoutout to Laura! In just a few short months, here’s a snapshot of what happens when you marry Coaching with Consistency!

Laura found me wanting to bring in her Birthday year as her strongest yet! She was never a dieter; has always been active (she ❤️s pickle ball) but did notice that with each year, she had a slow creep up in her weight. She had a scale cap in her mind and when she was closing in on that number and came across my Instagram page, she took it as a sign!

Laura is a true testimony that with the right Coach and custom designed guidance, progress will be made! From our first meeting, Laura has applied herself to learning her macros per meal, prioritizing her meal prep and tracking as well as learning her tempo lifts.

She asked me if I photo shopped these photos because she couldn’t believe her side by side. And THIS is why we track lots of data beyond the scale. Of course I didn’t photo shop this! This is all of Laura’s hard work that happens behind the scenes.

During today’s check in call, Laura told me “I can’t believe in just a few months what has changed for me and I can only imagine and get excited about what the next few months of working together will create.”

It’s never too late.
You are never too old.
And you can enjoy the way you exercise and what you eat!

If you want support and a plan, let’s chat babe!

Weight 158.6 👉🏾 151.4
Waist 35”👉🏾 34.25”
Hips 41.25” 👉🏾 40.5”
Thigh 23.5” 👉🏾 23.5” no change

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