every body weight you have tells a story

Every body shape tells a story.

On the far left, I was in college and I joined Jenny Craig because I was heart broken πŸ’” that my boyfriend was interested in another girl (who happened to be skinny so my 🧠 ran with it).

I lost 45lbs at the weight loss clinic ending at 125lbs where I was happy to finally be skinny but unhappy, sad, alone and HUNGRY.

Fast forward 24 years to the 177.8lb photo. I had come off losing identical twin boys and spending a year trying EVERY fertility treatment I had access to only to be left sad, unhappy and πŸ’” once again.

You see, your body, through all its seasons (and shapes) always has a story to share. Some happy. Some downright earth shattering. But it’s our one body none the less.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to help people who have felt just like me so that they too can rewrite their own stories.

It’s not always about the weight loss, but about the journey towards a healthier, happier life.

LevelUP Lifestyle starts on May 1st. What kind of story will you rewrite?

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