weeks 5 – 8 of my wellness prep to compete in wbff dallas

I can’t believe 8 weeks have gone by.

#transformationtuesday brings you my week 8 recap and my weeks 5-8 monthly progress.

This last week, the goal was to cut down on processed food.

I’ve entered into Cut #3 which includes 4 mod days; 3 low days and 1 high day.

When @janellefitmarks asked if I was ready for another cut, I wasn’t. 😆 I was scared. I thought 💭 “already?” I assumed that once we cut, it would be a bottomless pit of cuts. I didn’t realize that the long term goal is to dig deep now and get more food later to bring in a healthy, well-fed look!

This process is very interesting!

Besides starting cut #3, J added 5 minutes to my cardio. So here’s where I’m at:
-35 min 70-75% intensity cardio 6x per week
-Posing practice 10 minutes every day
-Lifting 4x per week

And some of y’all been asking, here’s my macros right now which is for MY body only:

Proteins / Carbs / Fats
Low: 160 / 120 / 50
Mod: 160 / 50 / 45
High: 160 / 200 / 45

Being in this prep has taught me that maintenance is a beautiful place to be. It’s like I had to be in it, and now be here to truly appreciate the stillness of lifting and eating for the sheer enjoyment of it versus chasing a black and white goal.

I know many of you are in M and struggling. I’m here to tell you, that the struggle will create a such a solid mindset of loving the skin you are in despite the scale and metrics doing what they do.

This week hunger has been, well, consistent! Just ask @808lekeli

This week, the energy has been consistently mediocre despite all my sleep.

And to my own surprise, the cravings have been tolerable. I have a BLT strategy I use. My bright line (as @syattfitness calls it) is if I have a BLT, I have to put a sticker on my fridge. No more than 3 stickers on my fridge per week. And for last week, that worked!

Hey y’all, look, I’m just an average gal that was overweight. I spent decades doing all the stuff media told me I needed to do to look a certain way media told me I had to look. I know if I can switch my mindset about it all, you can too! Thanks for reading!

Waist: 26”
Hips: 36.75”
Thigh: 20”

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