Despite my weight, I’ve always been fit. Scratch that. I was never athletic as a kid and even as a young adult.

In 1997, I decided to Join Jenny Craig and lost 45lbs in 7 months on a low calorie low fat diet while only doing cardio. In fact, my Jenny Craig “Coach” said don’t lift weights because we were only concerned with the number on the scale.

When low calorie dieting stopped working, I did more cardio. To keep myself from going crazy, I decided to train for an ultra marathon. It was a 36 mile race from Maui Mall to the top of Haleakala at 10,000 elevation.

When my weight loss stalled, I started racing triathlon. First sprint distance, then olympic, then half Ironman. And then in May 2008 as my wedding gift to myself, I raced my one and only full Ironman distance in Brazil for my honeymoon. I say my honeymoon because @808lekeli had to play Sherpa the entire time. I know I still owe him a do-over! ❤️

I was so caught up in this cycle of chasing a scale number at all costs.

I rationalized my obsession with exercise being good for you.

No one blinks an eye when you are doing too much exercise. Despite injury. During severe illness.

How can you become addicted to something that is so good for you?

But I was. Addicted to the high of the chase. Addicted to the distraction of yearning for something outside of myself.

I was the Queen 👸of faking it till you make it. Most of my race pics sport big smiles despite hiding much sickness and pain and symptoms.

A snapshot in time never tells the whole story. Don’t get caught up in looking for answers in a look, a size, a weight.

I’m a solid example that when you stop chasing, stuff falls into place just as it should be.

What’s your go-to word for 2023?

I’m gonna rock FEARLESS 🔥

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