babe, you don’t need to lose weight for a…wedding, reunion, event, party, celebration….

Losing weight for a… fill in the blank won’t work for you long term.

Focus on the “why” you want to lose weight and drill down your reason so DEEP that you’ll no longer be able to deny the calling that requires you to transform from the inside out.

I’ve been a variety of weights and sizes from 125lb at my lowest and sickest to probably around 200lbs when I was pregnant with twins. All these weights were fueled by DISORDERED EATING AND EXERCISE.

As I reflect back, I wish I took more pics while pregnant. I always told them I didn’t want to know my weight. I was too freaked out about knowing the number. A fucking number that used to hold so much power over me.

Life can change in a moment for good or for bad. Don’t lose time chasing your goal from the outside.

Figure out first how you want to feel (versus just how you want to look) and and seek out a method that aligns with your heart ❤️. #honolulupersonaltrainer

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