you cannot exercise for an outcome

I used to be the person who always exercised for an outcome.

First to lose weight then for athletic performance.

I began to chase more exercise to control my weight. Exercise daily. Then two-a-days. Then no days off. Then race season. Then year round.

It’s mind blowing to me to be here now having spent so much energy depleting my body, all for the sake of the scale.

“My body is just this way. I’ll always have to exercise a lot.”

“I’m just built differently. I’ll always have to do a lot more than others.”

I’m here to remind you that the old stories we tell ourselves are just that. #oldnews or maybe #fakenews??? 😝

Sure, there’s great fear in stopping the ways you’ve always done things to start anew.

Yet, there is HUGE reward in doing so anyway because maybe just maybe, a new path is just what you need.

What do you have to lose except maybe some self-limiting beliefs?

P.S. They used to call me cardio Queen 👸 , a crown I used to proudly wear. Now I lift and walk out of the gym without this nagging anxiety that I need to do more.

THIS is an amazing feeling that I hope you too can experience! #honolulupersonaltrainer

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