this is the first time I have not dieted during the holidays

I can’t believe this is the FIRST holiday season where I will NOT be on a diet!

The holidays are so busy yet we decide to make it harder for ourselves by sticking to a lot of food rules or vow to do a lot of exercise to “make up” for food choices.

How about you actively decide to enjoy the holidays while being mindful of your choices so that you can be present with your loved ones?

Time passes by. At the end of your life, you will not remember how much you weighed or the food you “cheated” with.

If ya need help with being consistent with your food and fitness in an enjoyable and sustainable way, I have 4 spots open for my January 2023 collective, LevelUp with Lee-Ann. Enroll by year end, and receive the gift of starting your journey early! It’s so much more than food and fitness. I’ll take you along a journey of self discovery that allows you to love the skin you’re in. ❤️ link in bio or DM ME! #honolulupersonaltrainer

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