yesterday, I did a sprint triathlon

Today I did a #sprinttriathlon.

I’d been going back & forth on racing the @nawahinesprinttri.

I always create so much anxiety for myself when racing. My expectations. My previous history with the sport. My training.

I wish I could be someone who just participates; but, that’s not how I’m wired.

I decided very last minute to sign up (the day before registration closed). I knew that if I wanted to leave old stories I tell myself behind, I would need to create new experiences.

Going into this day, I channeled my #twwbabe sistah @penning.this.story who on a whim did an amazing photo shoot to celebrate her @thewonderwomenofficial anniversary. She helped me realize that I can be spontaneous and do something uncomfortable without having it be this long drawn out thing.

Racing today I decided to channel all of my nervous energy into racing for all those who can’t.

When things became very uncomfortable and my heart rate was 180 bpm, gasping for breath, quads burning 🔥 with more distance to be covered, I remembered how loved ones who are no longer here would love to be experiencing all of these feels.

I raced for @kananimei as I told her out loud how today was for her and I knew she would be leading me fast and effortless with great hair 💁🏽‍♀️ and red 👄 lips.

I raced talking to my boys telling them that I’ll always love them and that despite our short time together, I’ll always cherish those months I did have with them.

Today, I raced for friends and classmates gone too soon and my grandparents who lived a long life but now live in another realm always on my mind and forever in my heart ❤️.

I can truly say today was an incredibly amazing experience that hit so different from any race I had done before. #newexperiences

Thanks for coming out of Sherpa retirement @808lekeli – love you 😍 babe

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