my way is not your way

Don’t get caught up in finding that best workout plan or that perfect diet. (Did you hear 👂 it doesn’t exist?)

Focus on your process and your habits because all of that 👆🏾 – it’s either pushing you forward or holding you back. #limbo

There’s no one best way.

There’s only the best way that works for you!

Early on in fitness, I was naive. Listened to everyone. Run marathons. Eat low fat diet. Do plyometrics. Nah, switch to HIIT. Be vegetarian. Be Keto. Do the Blood Type diet. Stop steady state cardio. Do more cardio. Lift more. Do more reps. Stop eating oatmeal. Give up fruit. Do CrossFit. Try F 45. Have you heard about #orangetheory?

OMG 😱 are you overwhelmed?

I sure was! And then I eventually realized that in all that noise, I had to figure out a system that felt good for me! I started to lean into my intuition more. Paying attention to that gut feeling. Going with what felt right for me despite what everyone else doing. It’s the best decision I’ve made in a while!

What’s your process look like for something you want to get after?

Happy Weekend! #honolulupersonaltrainer

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