how do you refill your mental energy tank?

Today @janellefitmarks asked us how do we pump up our mindsets. #day10#twwbabes

I have several ways I get into a headspace for what I’m gonna do.

If I’m lagging before a lift, I blast a few of my go-to songs to pump me up. Right now it’s Green Light by John Legend and Tell Me by Groove Theory.

Before a #triathlonrace, I do a lot of visualization. I see myself strong and steady on the course, finishing happy and fast.

If I’m feeling anxious, old Lee-Ann would start cleaning furiously (I still do this from time to time) or I would kill myself with exercise (I’m 😊 to report this strategy has been retired).

Now-a-days, I spend time with people who fill me up, not drain me. I spend quality time with friends who have become family. People who have held a safe space for me, to laugh with and cry with.

Today I spent such a day; refilling my dose of good human time. And boy did we have fun!


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