client progress shout-out!

@cm_krause found me here. When I asked her why she chose me, she mentioned that my #ulcerativecolitis#autoimmunedisease was a factor because she knew I would understand what she deals with, every day, in varying degrees with #rhuematoidarthritis.

As I wrote yesterday, we are different and yet we are the same.

So proud to #shoutout my client who started to get her ducks 🦆 in a row before we officially started. Despite many food sensitivities, RA peaks ands valleys, she never threw in the towel. She has become quite the macro #goat 👸 and is really enjoying learning adding tempo into her online strength training sessions.

This is what it looks like when you are consistent and show up every. Day. In some shape or form. Never perfect but always progressing.

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