fear of failure & managing expectations with weight loss

On a weekly check in call today with my @l3v3lup athlete, we discussed her #progress. And like many of the ladies I work with (heck I was one of those ladies too), we discussed 👇🏾
👀 her fear of failure
👀 her expectations
👀 and the inside thought 💭 that she couldn’t possibly have any wins in the 3 weeks we’ve worked together🥺

As someone whose been there, I can say with 💯 certainty that I know that feeling.

👉🏾beating yourself up about not hitting that number

👉🏾hiding in shame for going up a size

👉🏾dealing with the inner critic saying you’ll never be good enough

I reminded her that a scale weight has nothing to do with her worth.

I asked her…

Are you making progress in your life?

Are you putting in daily effort toward your goals?

Are you making a change for the better?

With an up roaring “YES!” you realize that your worth is measured in self-growth and the meaningful connections you build with the people you respect and love along the way.

#perfection ❌ #results

Remember, a small step still moves you forward. 🔥💪🏾😘


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