the path is all math

My first business Coach Jill Fit has two #mantras that have always stuck with me beyond or work together.

The first is a quote by Author Rylan Blair who says this:

 “The path is all math.” 

The second is what I call a Jill-ism: her personal mantra during hectic business operation time is this gem: “I can see this as a pain or I can see this as a puzzle.”

Both can be said for anything we encounter in life. Life is rarely a long straight road with no bumps or weather conditions. It is how we navigate along the hectic road that determines if we get to our final destination safe and sound. 

And the same goes for my clients when it comes to #macrotracking. If you are new to this, there will be a learning curve for sure. In the beginning, it will require a lot of your mental bandwidth to do it, but if you can push through, the process only gets easier AND easier. 

I just finished recording my first bonus coaching video for my Macros Made Easy Collective kicking off on January 10th 2022. Those who have already enrolled are receiving my bonus content in our Macros Made Easy private Facebook group! No better time than to start now, right?

And with that being said, I’ve highlighted my client Sonya here who has been learning and improving since June of this year. 

At the start, Sonya was very overwhelmed with macros. Through our one on one coaching together, she has settled into a groove and continues to learn how to refine her macro detective skills!

If you’ve been on the fence, now’s the time to leap and join my intimate group of those seriously looking to learn how to fuel their bodies properly for their goals without employing the usual quick fixes that will only provide short term unsustainable results. 

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