cups, spoons, scales oh my!

Ever use a tablespoon to scoop out a heaping serving of that good good stuff? 

What about packing down ALL DA rice into a patty cake as much as possible till you nail it right at that red 1 measuring cup line?

Nuff said. 

In Macros Made Easy and with any macro tracking protocol, we use WEIGHT not volume when measuring our macros! 

Use a Food Scale. 

Weigh in Ounces or Grams for Dry

Weigh in Fluid Ounces or ML for Wet

Just finished doing a real LIFE demo on this mini training teaching this very thing – all BONUS content for my 2022 Macros Made Easy Group Coaching Collective to set them up for success!

In this private group, we covered how to use the food scale, how to use the tare function and how to layer on macros to save on weighing time!

Nah, but really – measuring in volume (using cups and spoons) leaves a HUGE room for error and if you are working toward a weight loss or body fat loss goal, these hiccups can erase your deficit in a matter of 1-2 meals or snacks! 

Here’s the link to my Amazon Favorite stuff which includes the food scale and the travel food scale I use! 

What do you hope to see in the next mini macros training? 

There’s still time to register for my 8 Week Macros Made Easy Group! Price goes up Jan 1st! 

We’ve already got an amazing group of ladies rocking and rolling their baseline macros! 

Let’s get it! I’m in it with you!

Register here!

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