you are what you always do

Happy Christmas Eve!

Today kick starts a whirl wind of emotions for me about all the navigating I would be doing because I would be so stressed about not being able to control myself around all of the yummy food being available during this time of year.

What I’ve learned (took me a real long time to learn this too) is that your holiday eating will not derail your progress! 

It’s about what you do all of the days, weeks and months leading up to this holiday season that matter. 

If you’ve built solid habits and have reaped great rewards from your hard work, you are more likely to carry those habits into this holiday season. (This is NEW Lee-Ann)

What are the solid habits: Tracking as usual or loosely tracking 

If you’ve been off and on, more off than on, rely on quick fixes and have not really gotten real with yourself about the change you seek, then your usual habits will come through this time of year. (This was OLD Lee-Ann).

What are the rocky habits? Not tracking at all, eating mindlessly in brain shut down mode and then getting back “on track” until the next holiday / event / thing rolls around.

We are what we always do. We do what we always do. Ask yourself if what you are doing and what you are always doing is getting you the long term, safe and sound SUSTAINABLE results and CHANGE you seek. 

If it’s getting you lose 10 here, gain 15 there, lose 25 here, gain 12 there, then maybe it’s time to find a different game plan, yeah? 


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