“as for the rest, just do your best”

I tell my clients this a lot. 

It’s my friendly reminder to them that despite us having goals and doing this thing, we also have just ☝🏾LIFE to live.

Don’t let any singular facet of your life take over so that you miss out on well, living and having an epic time doing so!

Cuz on your last day of breath, ya won’t remember being that weight, that size, that shredded, will you? 

This photo is my first photo shoot. I was so nervous, anxious and felt awkward. I wished I had a shot of patron beforehand 😝 @monicalauphotography said something that made me laugh here, and it truly captures my spirit. I love making jokes that make people laugh. My dad is the same way. I always say I’m an unemployed comedian and @808lekeli agrees (with unemployed part hahaha 🤪)

Booking gigs now 🙆🏽‍♀️ 😉 


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