chase strong, not skinny.

Winona Ryder.

Christie Turlington.

Kate Moss.

The #bodygoal icons of my time when as an impressionable young girl, I chased skinny (despite having these quadz since I could walk). 

And we didn’t even have #socialmedia at the time. 

It blows my mind that now I chase strong. I’m much more concerned about feeling healthy, lifting heavy and moving my body freely without disease or sickness. 

And despite having a body goal that uses scale weight as ONE mere data point in a much BIGGER picture, I’m not handcuffed to that number, anymore. #tranaformation is an inside job. 

All my ladies want to lose weight. Get toned. Shape up. And we always start their journey with their why 👉🏾 #mindset. 

If you’ve been struggling with your health journey, I think the best investment is to work with someone who helps you understand why you want to achieve such things. Starting with a solid “why” is the foundation for long term, safe and sound success! 

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